Home Care Invoicing

Automated invoice creation

Traditionally creating invoices for a Domiciliary Care Agency has meant checking then copying information off timesheets, working out the costs for each visit, totalling up the visits and then transferring this information to an invoice form. The manual method of invoice creation is not only very time consuming it can lead to errors as every time you transfer information from one place to another a mistake could be made.

Quikplan Schedule Expert will create your invoices with almost no effort from you both accurately and fast. As you work with your rotas, adding extra visits, cancelling calls and altering visit times, QuikPlan keeps track of the changes and adjusts the invoicing information as you are working. All you need to do is check the care workers' timesheets against the visits you have planned in QuikPlan's home care software and mark them complete. Marking visits complete is a simple process that takes very little time or may be fully automated by using one of QuikPlan's Call Conformation systems.

To create invoices simply select the date range and the invoice group (the invoice group is who the invoice will be sent to i.e: private clients or social services) then click create invoices... Thats it! Your invoices for that period are created and ready to print, email or import straight into an accounts program, it's that simple.

Advanced charging dynamics

How does QuikPlan charging work

QuikPlan Schedule Expert has a simple to use yet extremely powerful, dynamic charging system. By creating services that represent the work you undertake for your service users then allocating these services to an invoice group such as your Local authority or your private clients, you are able to create pricing structures and assign them to tasks.

Automated invoice processing

This process of associating services to tasks binds your charging structure to your visits therefore automating the complex and time consuming process of home care invoicing. QuikPlan can be set up to accommodate minute to minute billing, time tolerance, fixed charge, time banding, working day and special day scale of charges. No matter how complex your charging requirements are, QuikPlan can be tailored to suit any pricing structure.

Invoice Group Screen

Invoice Group

Group your pricing structures

The invoice group is quite literally a group of charges that relate to a group of service users that will be invoiced at the same time and are associated to a pricing structure. You have a standard invoice group called “Private Client” that is the default group however you can create as many groups as you like such as “Local Authority” “Special Charge Private Client” “Direct payment” and so on.

Create your invoice with a click of a button

When it is time to create invoices you simply select the invoice group, the date period you want to invoice and click [Create Invoice]. All of the invoices are automatically created, they can then be printed, downloaded as a .pdf, Excel Spreadsheet, emailed or imported into an accounts program such as Sage.

Services Screen

Services Screen

Create services with a valid to date

In the services screen you create your scale of charges that are associated with an invoice group. Services have valid from and to dates so when a price code becomes out of date you are informed by QuikPlan to update your prices.

Create time driven price structures

Any combination of working time and date perimeter can be applied to a service so you can create different changes for different times of the day, week or even special days such as Bank Holiday or Christmas.

The ultimate charging system

With very customisable and powerful features for creating dynamic pricing structures that can accommodate real time information from call conformation systems such as QuikCheck and QuikPlan Mobile and allow for complex time banding structures often required by local authorities, QuikPlan offers the most powerful, flexible and easy to use charging interface of any similar software currently available.

All the help and support you will need

With very little training you can start creating as many services as you wish with unlimited possibilities. Our QuikPlan support staff will give you as much help and support as you need to get your pricing structure right for your business. 

  • Detailed invoice

    Marking visits complete is a simple process that takes very little time and when this is done all you need to do is select the period you want to invoice and the invoice group (the invoice group is who the invoice will be sent to i.e: private clients or social services) then click create invoices... Thats it! Your invoices for that period are created and ready to print, it's that simple.

    Detailed invoice
  • Invoice list screen

    QuikPlan Schedule Expert home care software has various invoice styles for you to choose from. You can choose an invoice style for a group or an individual client. When you set an invoice style for a group or client, QuikPlan remembers what you have chosen. This is especially useful when printing a batch of invoices because your clients will receive them in the style that they prefer.

    Invoice list screen
  • Detailed invoice screen

    The choice of invoice styles available in QuikPlan have been tried and tested for many years and are accepted by local authorities and other organisations throughout the UK however if you have a requirement for a custom invoice style we will be happy to discuss this with you.

    Detailed invoice screen

Working with invoices

  • Invoice charges

    Invoice charges

    QuikPlan Schedule Expert calculates charges shown on your invoices from services. Services represent the task you undertake for your clients and take into account what time of day or day of the year the task took place. By creating services and attaching charges to those services QuikPlan will automatically calculate your invoice values.

  • Creating invoices

    Creating invoices

    With QuikPlan Schedule Expert you can create invoices for any period such as date range, weeks, calendar month or even a selection of visits. There is no invoicing scenario that QuikPlan Schedule Expert can not handle.

  • Editing an invoice

    Editing an invoice

    QuikPlan Schedule Expert gives you the option to cancel invoices like other invoicing programs but QuikPlan goes a stage further and allows you to edit existing invoices so they can be reprinted again. This is a useful feature if you only have the occasional visit to edit. This maintains the sequence of your invoice numbers for easier accounting.