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Why QuikPlan?

Reduce Workload

Reduce workload and improve efficiency by using our innovative design and technology. Let QuikPlan handle those repetitive, difficult and time-consuming jobs that all domiciliary care agencies have to deal with.

Improve CQC Rating

Meet the highest CQC standards as well as reducing your workload. QuikPlan is designed to help you improve your CQC rating by giving visibility on what is happening with your clients and keeping their needs central.

Easy to Use

Designed to be very simple to use with most new users up and running within a matter of hours. Our helpful support team will guide you through a personal training programme, real people guiding you at every step.

Monitoring & Control

Monitor your visits as they happen through the QPLive! and Alarms system. Always have a live overview of what is happening during the day, clearly see the status of your visits and be alerted if a visit has not started.

World Class Security

Ensure your customer data is protected with QuikPlan's world class high performance security infrastructure. Application and physical security, data encryption, user authentication and more for your peace of mind.

App & Web Portals

Keep staff and clients connected with our supporting app and online web portals. Allow staff to quickly access client information ahead of visits and ensure families stay informed of their schedules.


QuikPlan is a sophisticated staff rostering and finance management solution that gives home care professionals total control and visibility of their business through cloud and mobile technology.


Friendly & Knowledgeable

Our experienced support staff are there to help you make the most out of QuikPlan. The QuikPlan Support Team have a wealth of knowledge and are friendly and approachable. If you have a question then just ask us, no matter what the question is, our support team will be happy to help.


Have you ever not asked a question because you thought it was just too silly? Well fear not! There’s no such thing as a silly question here at QuikPlan and chances are someone else has asked it before you. So, if there’s something you need help with and feel a little unsure about asking then please give us a call!

Free Unlimited Training

At QuikPlan we do all our training online with you through Teamviewer. It's just like having the trainer sat with you as they can see and interact with the same QuikPlan session as you. Training is in bitesize chunks and done at your pace. And if there is anything you need to go over again we’ll be happy to do so.

Talk to a Real (UK Based) Person

We don’t believe in chatbots and raising endless tickets here at QuikPlan. They simply frustrate most people. When you call QuikPlan for support or training then you will be talking to a real human being based in our UK offices who will take the time to understand your needs and assess how to help you.


Visit Rostering

Create, manage and view visit tasks using our easy-to-use calendar or grid Task Managers. Task Manager allows visits to be changed quickly and easily, for example is a client cancels their visit. Set up longer term repetitive tasks using QuikPlan’s Template Manager and Auto Wizards, saving up 90% of your visit management work.


QuikApp is your eyes into what happens during a visit by a carer to a client. Actual visit start and end times are recorded but QuikApp can record so much more. It includes Tasks to be completed during the visit such as making meals, giving meds etc. The carer can also record visit log notes, raise incidents and record eMARs.


QuikDocs is our brand new web-based system that reduces the need for paper documentation by managing your Client and Staff documents. It enables you to create your own bespoke document templates and fully integrates with your existing QuikPlan system so it’s easy to set up and use, helping you go paperless.


QuikPlan saves huge amounts of tedious admin time and expense by calculating your invoices and gross staff pay for you using our innovative Invoice Grouping and Services technology. Invoices can be sent out automatically. Data generated in QuikPlan’s finance system can be passed to third party systems, as needed.

Secure Access Anywhere

QuikPlan is designed to be securely used and accessed anywhere there is a data, broadband or WiFi connection. This means you, your care co-ordinators and care staff will always have the latest up to date information so that you can deliver quality care to your clients in a timely fashion.

Integrations & KPIs

Generate key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess performance against strategic goals such as revenue growth, revenue per client, profit margin, client retention rate and customer satisfaction. QuikPlan has almost 100 standard reports that can be used for anything from client and staff monitoring to staff pay and finance.