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A complete solution and everything you need to improve your home care business

A Brief History

QuikPlan has its roots firmly in the domiciliary care industry

The QuikPlan system began life in 2002 as a program written by founder Nick Patrick

QuikPlan started out as a program written by Nick to help manage the family run domiciliary care agency in Worcester. It didn’t take long before word got around that QuikPlan had drastically reduced the time and effort needed to administer the business.

Very soon QuikPlan was being used by other local domiciliary care agencies and it became clear to Nick that there was a gap in the market and QuikPlan could fill it.

In 2004 Nick decided to take the next step when he created QuikPlan Limited, and we have been helping agencies across the UK and Ireland run their businesses ever since.

Since those early days QuikPlan has grown and evolved to become the sophisticated domiciliary care system it is today. Supported by apps, web portals and communication systems we continually strive to meet the rising day-to-day realities of agencies.

QuikPlan will reduce workload and help improve your CQC rating

Reduce Workload & Improve Efficiency

Created to make light work of complex tasks

QuikPlan is there to substantially reduce your workload and to allow you and your staff to work much more efficiently. QuikPlan will handle those repetitive, difficult and time consuming jobs that all domiciliary care agencies have to deal with.

By using innovative design and technology QuikPlan can create staff rosters in seconds, especially if you use our template system. The finance module allows you to generate invoices and gross staff pay in seconds, all with accuracy and additional checks.

QuikPlan is fully customisable to meet your individual home care agency needs. Built as standard it has over 50 different types of management reports, giving you instant access to the crucial service level information required for business analysis.

Improve CQC Rating

Designed to help you improve your CQC rating

Through QuikPlan’s innovative QPLive! system you can monitor in near real time whether a call has started, providing total visibility on what is happening with your clients and keeping their needs central.

The system also allows you to monitor what happens during a visit to a client such as eMAR and tasks completion. Over the longer term client outcomes can be monitored so that you can see if your reablement targets are being met, ensuring they get the right care they need, when they need it.

Personalisation of a client, with the same carers visiting the same clients on a regular basis is important. Monitoring their long term outcomes will significantly improve your overall CQC rating. QuikPlan is there to help you record, document and prove to a CQC inspector how you successfully deliver care to your clients.

A complete staff rostering, care management and finance system solution

Automate tedious home care agency processes whilst reinforcing CQC compliance

Scheduling & Management

  • Staff details
  • Appointment scheduler
  • Client details
  • Keep in touch via SMS
  • Staff & client web portals
  • Staff availability matching

Automated Administration

  • Monitor visit attendance
  • Automated payroll
  • Automatic invoicing
  • Management peports
  • Mileage & travel time
  • Allocate staff expenses

Most new users are up and running with the application within a matter of hours

Easy to Use

Most new users are up and running with the application within a matter of hours

The QuikPlan system, including the supporting app and web portals, has been designed to be very simple to use. Most new users are up and running with the application within a matter of a few hours and our helpful support team will guide you through your own personal training programme.

There are no stuffy manuals to read, just real people helping you at every step. And our brand new app is now available on both Android and iOS. It there to give carer’s the information they need while at a visit to a client, as well as record vital information about that visit while it is progress.

Monitoring & Control

Always have a live overview of what is happening with your visits during the day

QuikPlan is designed so that you can monitor your visits as they happen. Through the QPLive! and Alarms system you will always have a live overview of what is happening with your visits during the day. You will clearly see the status of your visits and be alerted if a visit has not started when due.

Ensure that the right care is delivered to your clients precisely when they need it by keeping staff and clients connected. QuikPlan’s online web portals enable staff to quickly access client information ahead of visits and ensure families stay informed of their schedules.

Always have a live overview of what is happening with your visits during the day

QuikPlan Features