• Care Staff Rostering

    Care Staff Rostering

    Easily roster staff and plan appointments from the Task Manager, Planner and Grid views. Using these three interactive screens you can effortlessly roster, edit and co-ordinate your staff rotas and service users appointments

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  • Staff GPS Track & Trace

    Staff GPS Track & Trace

    QuikTrack is a GPS staff tracking system that works in conjunction with QuikPlan Mobile's NFC care monitoring system. Instantly find the nearest care worker to cover a call, find your staffs' GPS locations and review their historical activities

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  • ECM Visit Confirmation

    ECM Visit Confirmation

    Using either QuikPlan Mobile or QuikCheck your care staff can easily log in and out of appointments and confirm their attendance. Confirmed appointment times are pushed up to QuikPlan automatically. You can see your staff clocking in and out of visits

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  • QuikPlan Mobile NFC App

    QuikPlan Mobile NFC App

    QuikPlan Mobile Phone Call Monitoring NFC App is a state of the art NFC Mobile Phone Electronic Care Monitoring System that links your mobile care workers to your office managers, keeping everyone informed in real time of changes to their rotas

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  • QuikCheck Care Monitoring

    QuikCheck Care Monitoring

    QuikCheck (Electronic Call Monitoring) is a cost effective way to monitor staff appointment attendance. Using the service user's home phone, the care staff dial a Freephone number where they are greeted with a message and prompted to enter their PIN code

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  • Home Care Invoicing

    Home Care Invoicing

    Invoices are calculated automatically as you coordinate your rotas. Your service users care package can be split and invoiced to the relevant individuals or authority. QuikPlan offers a large choice of informative invoice styles

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  • Domiciliary Staff Payroll

    Domiciliary Staff Payroll

    Payroll is calculated automatically as you coordinate your tasks. It is fast accurate and takes into account different times of the day, pay grades and individual agreements. The pay data can be imported directly into Sage Payroll

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  • Care Staff Details

    Care Staff Details

    QuikPlan Schedule Expert home care software has a detailed care workers database where all your vital information can be accessed quickly. You can store any relevant information about your carers all in one place. With QuikPlan’s easy to use find feature

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  • Service User Details

    Service User Details

    Keep your service users details safe in QuikPlan for fast retrieval of information. The client details area provides fields for the personalisation of their care package. QuikPlan uses this data to offer the best staff to cover an appointment

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  • Timesheets & Web Portals

    Timesheets & Web Portals

    QuikPlan Schedule Expert home care software produces printable timesheets to hand out to your care workers. These are normally printed out on a week by week basis but you can create timesheets for any chosen period.

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  • Mileage, Maps & Travel

    Mileage, Maps & Travel

    QuikPlan’s built in mileage and mapping feature not only gives you a visual geographical representation of your home care appointments, it also accurately calculates staff mileage and fuel reimbursement automatically

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QuikPlan offer two reliable methods that ensure your care workers deliver the time duration that your agency promises. QuikPlan's cutting edge QuikPlan Mobile application and QuikCheck landline care call monitoring systems provide your care agency with near real time staff monitoring and minute to minute billing.

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Why Choose QuikPlan...

  • Pay As You Go 30 Day Subscription

    Pay As You Go 30 Day Subscription

    No hidden charges or surprise bills.

    With QuikPlan there are no hidden charges or surprise bills. Instead, you pay as you go so you can see a return on your investment right away. Upgrading to the latest version of the application is included in your subscription, so you never have to worry about additional costs.

    Easy to Use with Great Support

    Easy to Use with Great Support

    Get started quickly with our award winning support.

    QuikPlan is easy to use and quick to learn. You can log in from anywhere, view and update customer data, and work with your colleagues—anytime you want. QuikPlan’s technical support staff are knowledgeable and friendly and will get you started right away. In no time at all, you will notice a positive impact on your business.

    Software in the Cloud

    Software in the Cloud

    Cloud Based software is upgraded automatically.

    Never buy, install, or upgrade software again. Our Cloud Based software is upgraded automatically, which means you’re always on the latest version. All your customisations and integrations last through every upgrade.

    Ready to go the next day

    Ready to go the next day

    Sign up online and start the next day.

    Simply sign up online and the next working day we will call you for your first interactive training session. Our friendly support staff will guide you through the set up process and help you tailor QuikPlan to accommodate your business model.

  • Security to the Highest Standards

    Security to the Highest Standards

    Ensure your customer data is protected. 

    QuikPlan ensures that your customer data is protected with physical security, data encryption, user authentication, application security, and more. Using the latest firewall protection, intrusion detection systems, and proprietary security products, QuikPlan gives you the peace of mind that only a world-class security infrastructure can provide.

    Software Integration

    Software Integration

    Seamlessly integrate with third party systems. 

    QuikPlan can produce output files that will integrate with finance packages such as Sage and Local Authority systems. It can seamlessly integrate with third party systems or we can create bespoke integrations on your request.

    Fully Customisable

    Fully Customisable

    Customisable to fit your unique business needs.

    Your company is unique. Think about your processes, your business model and the way that you like to provide care. QuikPlan understands that no two companies are alike, that’s why it is fully customisable to fit your unique business needs.

    Staff and Client Web Portals

    Staff and Client Web Portals

    Staff and families can stay up-to-date on the web. 

    QuikPlan online web portals allow your staff to quickly access service user information ahead of visits and ensures families can stay informed of their visit schedules from any internet enabled device. 

  • Mileage and Travel Time

    Mileage and Travel Time

    Quickly calculate mileage and travel time. 

    QuikPlan automatically calculates mileage and travel time between calls and allocates expenses to your staff’s pay based on your own customised pay and mileage criteria. 

    Automatic Invoicing

    Automatic Invoicing

    Produce accurate invoices effortlessly. 

    QuikPlan tracks your changes as visits are updated and automatically adjusts your charges as you drive your business. QuikPlan is fully customisable to meet your individual needs, so you can be confident of accurate, fast and effortless billing.

    Automated Payroll

    Automated Payroll

    Automate pay and simplify administration

    Our automated payroll system means your care staff are paid accurately using the most up-to-date information on completed visit schedules. Being fully customisable, it will accommodate all your different pay bands and hourly rates. 

     Staff Details

    Staff Details

    Organisation of your staff’s details. 

    Create detailed staff records for fast, on demand retrieval of HR related information, including working times, employment details, training records and holiday entitlement. 

  • Client Details

    Client Details

    Fast accessible storage of client data. 

    Save service users details, notes, history and other vital care plan information in one easy to manage location that can be accessed quickly and securely from anywhere with an internet connection.

    Keep in Touch Via SMS

    Keep in Touch Via SMS

    Respond quickly via SMS alerts. 

    Eliminate message errors, manage rota updates and instantly share information with your care staff by using SMS text messaging directly from QuikPlan. 

    Monitor Visit Attendance

    Monitor Visit Attendance

    Record the times your staff enter and leave calls. 

    QuikPlan Electronic Call Monitoring (ECM) gives you and your service users’ piece of mind by confirming that your care staff are attending the visit times you have promised thus enforcing compliance of CQC guidelines and local authority requirements.

    Staff Availability Matching

    Staff Availability Matching

    Assign the best suited staff to cover calls. 

    QuikPlan’s advanced availability matching system helps you quickly find the right staff to cover calls based on key criteria, including: availability to work, geographic location, skill requirements, staff to client rating and gender preference.

  • Minute to Minute Billing

    Minute to Minute Billing

    Accurate and fair pay and billing. 

    By using the actual visit times, you not only charge your service users fairly, you can pay your care staff accurately for the time they actually spend at their appointments.

    Appointment Scheduler

    Appointment Scheduler

    Make light work of co-ordinating staff. 

    At the touch of a button, QuikPlan schedule expert automates the production of your visit schedules, factoring in care staff holidays, client respite and special requirements. 

    Management Reports

    Management Reports

    Analyse your data for informed decision making. 

    Built as standard, QuikPlan has over 50 different types of management reports that give you instant access to the crucial service level information required for business analysis. 

  • Cloud based servers with 24/7/365 support

    Our servers are safe and your data is protected at all times.

    Cloud based servers with 24/7/365 support

    QuikPlan’s cutting edge Cloud based Computing Solution

    Our solution utilises high-specification Dell R720 Hypervisors (physical servers) and high quality, redundant SAN storage. Using VMware technology, the Hypervisors are virtualised, and multiple virtual machines (VMs) are created in line with QuikPlan’s specific requirements meaning there is no hardware down time.

    Your data and service is protected to the highest standards

    A redundant pair of high end physical firewalls sits in front of everything to ensure the highest level of security, and enterprise level CommVault software is used to take regular data backup’s guarantees that your data is safe and secure at all times.

  • Purpose built data centre with the highest security

    You can have peace of mind that your data is safe with us.

    Purpose built data centre with the highest security

    High-performance infrastructure and best practice design

    Your data is housed in the best possible environment for performance and security, using the latest technologies to make every element as efficient as possible. The data centre has been developed to support carbon-efficient solutions with the highest level of security and the best possible disaster recovery.

    Powerful generators are on standby if there is a power outage

    An Uninterrupted Power Supply to the data centre automatically takes over in the event of a power outage keeping the hardware running. The UPS is backed up by three powerful generators that have sufficient fuel to run for days with a fuel supply depot nearby if required.

  • QuikPlan registered office on Worcester High Street

    QuikPlan Limited occupy this beautiful listed building.

    QuikPlan registered office on Worcester High Street

    Home Care Software Support from the heart of Worcester

    QuikPlan’s administration and support centre for your Domiciliary Care Software is located on the high street of historic Worcester. This beautiful Grade 1 listed building is the pride of Worcester. QuikPlan Limited are privileged to share this prestigious space with Worcester County Council. The building is fully alarmed and very secure and offers the ideal working environment for QuikPlan’s staff.

    Amazing Domiciliary Care Software success with room for growth

    QuikPlan Limited chose these outstanding offices not only for its prestigious location but to allow for the companies remarkable growth. QuikPlan Limited has had incredible success, growing year on year and have established themselves as a leading UK home care software provider.

  • QuikPlan’s award winning technical support

    QuikPlan’s technical support staff are friendly and experienced.

    QuikPlan’s award winning technical support

    QuikPlan’s support staff are there for you every step of the way

    QuikPlan is more than home care software, it a complete solution that is fully supported by QuikPlan’s experienced and friendly support staff who respond quickly to your training and support requests. QuikPlan have adequate staff to be able to respond to your request for help almost instantly.

    QuikPlan Limited’s training and service promise

    With tailored training and on demand technical support QuikPlan provide everything you need to integrate your software quickly and easily into your home care agency. Working alongside you from the start to install, set-up and provide staff training on QuikPlan, our unlimited support contract gives you access to continuous support as you need it.

  • Server racks inside the purpose built data centre

    Our servers are housed in a climate controlled environment.

    Server racks inside the purpose built data centre

    Cabinets that are constantly monitored for any potential problems

    Our servers are mounted in specially designed cabinets that are constantly monitored for any potential problems. The data centre is fully air conditioned so your hardware runs at the optimal temperature for reliability and performance.

    Your service is protected by highly sensitive fire detection equipment

    A unique type of fire sprinkler system is installed throughout the data centre to protect hardware in the event of a fire. Your service is protected by highly sensitive fire detection equipment and a dry sprinkler system that will extinguish a fire without damaging hardware.

Quikplan’s Latest News

The Software for Domiciliary & Home Care Agencies

  • QuikPlan Mobile + GPS Track & Trace

    QuikPlan Mobile + GPS Track & Trace

    We are proud to announce a new addition to QuikPlan - QuikTrack GPS Track & Trace, the GPS staff location app is now bundled with QuikPlan's industry leading care management software and NFC Smartphone that comes with a mobile network contract and mobile device management software from only £12.58 per device per month.

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  • Minute to Minute Billing

    Minute to Minute Billing

    QuikPlan software can be set to use real visit times to produce invoices and pay that reflects the actual time your carers spend with your service users. QuikPlan is fully customisable and can be tailored to suit your pay structures. It satisfies local authority time tolerances and supports multi funded care packages.

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  • Enterprise Level Backups

    Enterprise Level Backups

    QuikPlan keeps track of every change you make with its built in audit history. Over and above audit history we take a complete system backup of your data every day, combined with our robust VMWare computer system that guarantees no hardware downtime, you are safe in the knowledge that your data is safe and you have maximum connectivity.

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About QuikPlan Home Care Management System

QuikPlan is a sophisticated staff rostering and finance management software system designed specifically for Homecare & Domiciliary Care UK Agencies. QuikPlan Homecare software makes light work of complex administrative tasks such as Staff Rotas, Timesheets, Invoicing, Pay, Call Monitoring, SMS, Mileage & GPS maps.

Thanks to QuikPlan's cutting edge VMware servers with cloud based technology, QuikPlan processes the most complex compliance rules, offering you the ideal staff to cover an appointment, yet remains flexible enough to accommodate personalisation for your service users care packages.

What QuikPlan will do for you

  • Share notes with the team and keep records of events as they happen
  • Improve efficiency and drive down unnecessary costs
  • Keep staff, care staff and familiy members informed with easy web access
  • Provide better communication between local authorities, care staff and clients
  • Build better relationships with the people you work for and the people who work for you
  • Provide a reputable, quality care service your clients can reply on and trust

Terms of Use:

The use of QuikPlan Schedule Expert and this web site is subject to Terms & Conditions which can be found on this web site. www.quikplan.co.uk

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Company Reg: 5307104
VAT Reg: 924209145
Data Protection Reg: Z919413
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QuikPlan Limited
South Wing, Guildhall, High Street
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United Kingdom Home Care Association

QuikPlan Limited are members of the United Kingdom Home Care Association. We can be found on their web site where we are listed in their consultants and suppliers section.