How does QuikPlan care monitoring work?

  • Appointment confirmation

    Confirm attendance (Electronic Call Monitoring)

    Using either QuikPlan Mobile or QuikCheck (electronic call monitoring systems) your care staff can easily log in and out of appointments and confirm their attendance.

    QuikPlan Mobile is a phone app that allows your care staff to clock in and out of visits by hovering their phone over a uniquely programmed NFC sticker that is placed in the service user's home. Read more...

    QuikCheck is a visit confirmation system that uses the service user's landline. Your care staff dial a Freephone number and are prompted to enter their unique PIN code. This records the landline number, date, time and the care staff's identity. Read more...

  • QuikPlan Monitoring

    Upload to QuikPlan

    Confirmed appointment times are pushed up to QuikPlan automatically. You can see your staff clocking in and out of visits in near real time.

    QuikPlan's visit monitoring software can be used on any internet enabled TV, computer or hand held device so you can easily see your staff clocking in and out of appointments, as they happen. You are immediately alerted to the status of your visits such as early, late, missed, unresolved and completed visits, giving you the heads-up on potential problems.

  • Accurate Billing

    Output results

    Actual visit times recorded in QuikPlan can be used to create minute to minute billing, payroll and local authority Real Time Information reports.

    The actual times recorded in QuikPlan can be used to create invoices and payroll that truly reflect the care that has been delivered. Minute to minute billing is a powerful feature built into QuikPlan that takes advantage of the actual recorded times, allowing you to pay staff and charge service users accurately. QuikPlan’s versatility allows for customisation and accommodation of time tolerances and any charge bandings that may be required by local authorities.

QuikPlan has two methods of call conformation

  • A

    QuikPlan Mobile

    What is QuikPlan Mobile?

    QuikPlan Mobile is a “cutting edge” mobile phone application that gives your care staff live appointment information.

    With the ability to log in and out of visits using NFC technology to confirm attendance and a safe convenient way to provide your care staff with the information they need to cover their visits. QuikPlan Mobile is the essential link between your care staff and your co-ordinators.

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  • B


    What is QuikCheck?

    QuikCheck is a landline visit confirmation system

    Using the service user’s home phone, the care staff dial a Freephone number where they are greeted with a message and prompted to enter their unique four digit PIN code. This confirms and record’s the identity of the care staff, the service user’s telephone number, date and time. This information is pushed up to QuikPlan whereby the visits are matched within the system, confirming the care staff’s attendance.

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