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How does QuikCheck Electronic Call Monitoring work?

QuikCheck (Electronic Call Monitoring) is a cost effective way to monitor staff appointment attendance. Using the service user's home phone, the care staff dial a Freephone number where they are greeted with a message and prompted to enter their PIN code.


  • 1

    Make a Call

    Care staff call a Freephone number from the service user's home as they enter and leave their appointment

  • 2

    Enter staff PIN

    Your care staff will be welcomed with a voice prompt to enter their unqiue PIN code confirming their identity

  • 3

    Attendance is confirmed

    The service user's telephone number, staff PIN, date and time are pushed up to QuikPlan thereby updating the precise attendance details

 Visits marked complete

Visit confirmations are matched up with the planned visit rotas in QuikPlan and are automatically marked complete.
This automated process not only confirms attendance, it records the actual visit times, thus reducing admin costs
associated with cross-referencing timesheets.

 Exception reports

When confirmed visits cannot be automatically matched in QuikPlan due to falling out of time tolerance or incorrect
visit registration, they are displayed in an exception report where you can manually match them and record an
explanation for the discrepancy.

 Seamless intergration

Using accurate visit times generated by QuikCheck, your QuikPlan software can produce output files and reports that
will intergrate seamlessly with local authority monitoring and billing systems.


Home Care Electronic Call Monitoring

QuikCheck home care & domiciliary care electronic call monitoring is an automated checking system that lets you know when a care worker has entered a service users home and when they leave. The care worker dials a freephone number from the service users home and is asked to enter their carer PIN for example 2112. The carer ends the call and this indicates to QuikCheck electronic call monitoring system that the care worker is in the service users home. The care worker repeats this process when they leave. The phone calls are date stamped, time stamped; the phone number is unique to the service user and the care workers PIN confirms who is undertaking the call. The information from QuikCheck electronic call monitoring system is sent live to your QuikPlan rostering program where the visits are automatically updated and marked complete. Any unmatched visits are displayed in an exemption report that alerts you to any calls that have been missed, you then have the option to reschedule the visit or accept the match and mark it complete if the visit did happen but not at the time planned.

Cost effectice Electronic Call Monitoring ECM

QuikCheck electronic call monitoring is less than half the cost to implement compared to most other electronic call logging systems yet offers unparalleled real time call monitoring using state of the art equipment. Our electronic call logging system is managed and monitored by engineers 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year so you can be sure that your live electronic call monitoring system keeps you in touch with what is happening out on the rounds in real time. QuikCheck electronic call monitoring marks your visits as complete as they happen saving you the time of checking off time sheets and checking to see where your carers are at any one time.

CM2000 Call Monitoring integrated seamlessly into QuikPlan

If your local authority insists that you use CM2000 for electronic call monitoring then you are still able to benefit from using QuikPlan and its advanced home care management features.

QuikPlan Limited have may customers who use QuikPlan to roster their staff and deal with their office administration and also use the CM2000 for call monitoring system. QuikPlan links in seamlessly to CM2000 and allows you to comply with your local authorities rules on using CM2000 call monitoring while giving you the flexibility to use QuikPlan as the most important office administration tool your care agency will ever need.


Electronic Call Monitoring Management Screen

Integration with third party Electronic Call Monitoring systems

QuikPlan Schedule Expert home care software links seamlessly into the major call monitoring systems currently available such as CM2000 and EziTracker. We can write custom software to link into almost any other system should you require this service. The cost of running the call monitoring service is agreed between you and which ever third party call monitoring solution you decide to use such as CM2000 or EziTracker. QuikPlan Limited does not charge for the call monitoring interface for electronic call monitoring systems already supported by QuikPlan Schedule Expert.

How Electronic Call Monitoring saves you time and money

Using QuikPlan Schedule Expert home care software in conjunction with an electronic call monitoring system can save time when it comes to marking the visits complete ready for invoicing and payroll. As call records are retrieved from the electronic call monitoring server they are checked against the visits in QuikPlan. If they fall within the stipulated criteria, the visits are automatically marked complete. Because the visits are checked against real time calls being made out in the field, the information that QuikPlan Schedule Expert has been updated with will be accurate, this saves time dealing with invoicing and timesheet anomalies.

The electronic call monitoring tab can be switched on or off for individual users from the admin section of QuikPlan Schedule Expert. This is an ideal way of maintaining data integrity by not allowing unauthorised users to interfere with any part of the program.


Working with electronic call monitoring

  • Exception Report

    Exception Report

    An exception report is generated for all live visits that can not be automatically matched against the visits in QuikPlan. This report gives you the option to decide whether the visit did take place and manually accept the match.

  • Marking visits complete

    Marking visits complete

    QuikPlan Schedule Expert in conjunction with a call monitoring system will automatically mark visits complete ready for invoicing. This can save considerable time on cross referencing then checking off visit data.

  • Live data updates QuikPlan

    Live data updates QuikPlan

    Data is retrieved from the electronic call monitoring server and brought into QuikPlan Schedule Expert for checking. This automated process ensures that QuikPlan is always kept up to date with the latest live data.