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Real-Time Call Monitoring

Monitor all of your visits in real time on a rolling notice board

QPLive! is a module for coordinators to track the progress of visits in real time

As carers check in and out of a visits QPLive! is updated to show completed visits and those in progress. If a visit hasn’t started, then it will be clearly shown on QPLive! Visits can be set up with alarms so important visits that have not started on time can be flagged on screen, or to on-call staff if out of office hours.

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There is a council version of QPLive! in which a local authority can view any of their contract visits on a QuikPlan system in their jurisdiction. Of course, for this to be shown on the council QPLive! the individual agency will need to give them permission.

Why QuikPlan?

Reduce workload

Reduce workload and improve efficiency by using our innovative design and technology. Let QuikPlan handle those repetitive, difficult and time-consuming jobs that all domiciliary care agencies have to deal with.

Improve CQC rating

Meet the highest CQC standards as well as reducing your workload. QuikPlan is designed to help you improve your CQC rating by giving visibility on what is happening with your clients and keeping their needs central.

Easy to use

Designed to be very simple to use with most new users up and running within a matter of hours. Our helpful support team will guide you through a personal training programme, real people guiding you at every step.

Monitoring & control

Monitor your visits as they happen through the QPLive! and Alarms system. Always have a live overview of what is happening during the day, clearly see the status of your visits and be alerted if a visit has not started.

World class security

Ensure your customer data is protected with QuikPlan's world class high performance security infrastructure. Application and physical security, data encryption, user authentication and more for your peace of mind.

App & web portals

Keep staff and clients connected with our supporting app and online web portals. Allow staff to quickly access client information ahead of visits and ensure families stay informed of their schedules.